Best Sex Positions For Beginners

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When you’re new to sex, the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or your partner. So it’s important to start with positions that are comfortable and don’t require any kama sutra-style contortions.

Missionary is one of the best sex positions for beginners because it’s intimate and easy. However, you can also modify it to add more pleasure.


The missionary position is one of the best sex positions for beginners because it’s a classic that provides a lot of pleasure and is easy to master. It’s also one of the most comfortable positions for both partners, and it can be used in a variety of ways to amp things up.

For example, the bottom partner can use a pillow or sex wedge to elevate their hips for deeper penetration and access to the G-spot, a sensitive area that’s located on the upper wall of the vagina. They can also play with the positioning of their legs to explore different sensations, such as bending them or spreading them wide.

Another variation on the missionary position is the cowgirl position, in which the penetrating partner drapes their leg over the top partner’s hip for even deeper penetrations and better access to the clitoris. This is especially effective if the bottom partner has a vulva that’s resistant to external stimulation.

As a bonus, the missionary position is ideal for intimacy because both partners are face to face and up close, which is an excellent way to build a connection and make sexual intercourse more exciting. It’s also a great position to use for caresses and soft kissing during intercourse, which can add to the sensual experience.

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Modified Doggy

If you’re a beginner and aren’t ready to jump into the deep end of sex just yet, try the modified doggy position. It’s easy, fast, and still gives you the feeling of a strong connection with your partner. It also helps with deep penetration, especially if you add pressure to the area.

Performing the modification is easy, as you just need to lay back and stretch your legs out, and then straddle one of their knees (as if they were sitting on a clock). The penetrating partner then kneels behind you and enters. The leg-straddling angle can also be tweaked to alter the position and intensity.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional doggie position, which is a bit too physical for beginners, and it can help boost pleasure with clitoral stimulation. You can also add a vibrator to this position for an even more intense experience.

This is a fun, sensual position that can be used for both foreplay and ending. It’s a good position for those who want to have dreamlike sex with their partner and can be done either on the bed or in the bathtub. As a bonus, it’s easy to adjust as you get more comfortable with the position. It’s a great starter for more advanced positions as well. It’s a little more difficult than the spooning cuddle, but it’s worth the effort.

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While most people think of cuddling when they hear the spooning position, it’s also a great sex position. It’s lazy, a little bit rough and provides some clitoral stimulation. It’s one of the best sex positions for beginners because it’s a great way to ease into deep penetration without overwhelming either partner.

In this position, the penetrating partner lies down on their backs with their legs spread in a butterfly pose and faces their partner. They then get into a spooning position, with the larger partner sitting on top. The smaller partner then leans back to create a hug-like embrace for deeper penetration.

This position is another good choice for beginners because it allows them to slow down the sex and focus on pleasure. It’s also great for couples who want to take things slowly because it gives both partners plenty of space to explore their erogenous zones. If you want to add some extra spice, try intertwining your legs together or bending your top leg and raising it in the air for G-spot stimulation.

As with all sex positions, it’s a good idea to use lube, since it can make everything feel even better and reduce friction. It’s especially important for the spooning position, Brito notes, because it involves close contact and can get quite messy.

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Lazy Doggy

A twist on the classic spooning position, this one can be both comfortable and erotic. One partner lies down on their back, while the other lays on their stomach, snuggling up behind them. The lying partner can then move around, adjusting their body to provide different penetration angles. This is an excellent way to create orgasm, plus it’s a great position for beginners because it’s so easy on the body.

If you want a bit of variety from the standard missionary, try the lazy doggy. It’s similar but slightly more intense because the pelvis is higher. This is a great position for a man, because it allows them to slow down their penetration and really enjoy the pleasure. It also provides a great opportunity to explore different techniques such as deep penetration and the anal area, and can be used with any of the other sex positions on this list.

These beginner sex positions are all easy to do, and offer both partners a lot of stimulation. Plus, they are all very effective for creating orgasm. And they can be switched up whenever you want, which can help you figure out what your sexual needs and preferences are. Having control over your own experiences will allow you to feel more confident and capable. And this can also help you and your partner communicate better about your needs, which will ultimately make sex more enjoyable for both of you.

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