Durex Condoms – Safe and Sensual Sex This Valentine’s Day

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Enjoy safe and sensual sex this Valentine’s with Durex Extra Safe transparent condoms with extra lubrication. These easy-on condoms are slightly thicker and made with a teat end for easier application to an erect penis. They are also electronically tested and meet British and European safety standards.

Durex has a range of different mood condoms that offer you a variety of sensations. Try their Mutual Climax condoms with ribs and dots to speed you up and benzocaine lubricant to slow him down for a longer, more controlled climax.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is harvested from the milky sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. It is considered safe, healthy, eco-friendly and durable. It is also more breathable and more resilient than synthetic latex, which is made from petroleum-based chemicals. However, many retail sales associates may confuse shoppers by using deceiving terminology when selling natural latex products.

They may refer to the material as “100% natural latex” when it actually contains fillers. These are substances such as clay or other ingredients that dilute and extend the latex foam’s volume. They are not toxic, but they also do not have the same durability or support as raw latex. They are often added to cut down on the overall cost of latex mattresses.

Some retailers also use the term “natural” to describe a blended latex product that contains 30% or less natural rubber and 70% of synthetic rubber or poly-foam fillers. This is not technically misleading because the materials are derived from the same plant source, but it’s still confusing for consumers who may think they are buying a pure product.

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Look for reputable retailers who offer pure 100% natural latex without fillers. They should display verification certifications like OEKO-Tex, LGA and Control Union. You should also look for GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) which certifies a latex manufacturer’s farming, raw material sourcing and processing practices.


Lubricant is important for most sexual experiences as it helps increase pleasure and reduce friction. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from water-based, oil-based, or silicone lube. Water-based lubes are usually made from simple ingredients and don’t need to be reapplied as often as oil-based lubes. However, they do come with a higher risk of yeast infections.

Oil-based lubricants are long-lasting and can double as a massage oil. However, they can degrade latex condoms and make them less effective. They are also not safe to use with silicone sex toys as they can cause them to break down over time.

The best condoms for lubrication are those that come pre-lubricated so they’re ready to go as soon as you open the package. Look for a condom that says ‘extra lubricated’ or has a lube icon on the package. For more intense sensation, Durex recommends their Invisible Ultra Thin condoms and Performax Intense condoms which have hundreds of studs to add stimulation. If you have a latex allergy, try Durex Real Feel condoms which are made from a technologically advanced non-latex material called polyisoprene. These are designed to mimic skin-on-skin contact and offer enhanced sensitivity and better STI protection than natural rubber latex condoms.

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Suspending Agents

Durex offers a range of condoms with different feels, thickness and lubrication. This gives couples the choice to find the perfect condom for their sex life. This includes the popular ranges like Thin Feel and Extra Safe.

All condoms offer protection against pregnancy and STIs when used correctly. According to Planned Parenthood, condoms are 98% effective when they are properly fitted and applied. However, this percentage decreases significantly if the condom tears or breaks during use. In addition, some sperm may escape the barrier and enter the vagina.

The suspending agents in the condom help ensure that it stays intact during usage and helps prevent any damage to the latex. The suspending agent also makes it easier to wash the condom when it is dirty.

In order to create the right texture, thickness and lubrication for each condom, manufacturers use different types of suspending agents. Some are made from natural materials, while others are synthesized in a lab. Some even contain a combination of these materials.

Some people choose to use Durex Extra Safe because it is slightly thicker and has more lubrication than other condoms on the market. This extra thickness creates a stronger barrier and makes it harder for the condom to break or tear during intercourse. However, no method of birth control provides 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

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The Durex brand isn’t just about contraception, it also offers a wide range of condoms for couples who want to spice up their sexual pleasure. The brand has different textured condoms that can enhance pleasure and stimulate both partners, with some even featuring special technology to maximise sensitivity. They’re also available in a variety of sizes so both partners can find a comfortable fit, including the smallest size, Close Fit.

There’s even a sexy pack of four different condom types for couples who like to try new things. One type, Performax Intense, is designed to help both partners orgasm at the same time with specially positioned ribs and dots that are scientifically proven to increase stimulation. There’s even a delayed lubricant to help him or her wait longer for the orgasm, making it easier to achieve that elusive simultaneous sensation.

And if you’re worried about latex allergies, Durex has a whole range of non-latex condoms. Some are shaped to make them easy to put on and some feature a skin-on-skin feel for that more natural connection. They’re also made with a softer material to avoid any irritation or chafing. Plus, they’re compatible with most oil-based lubricants, except petroleum jelly. Just remember that no method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy or STIs, so please use as directed.

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