How to Have Freaky Sex

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If you want to have freaky sex, it’s important to get comfortable with pushing your boundaries sexually. That might mean finding fuck buddies who are willing to do things that aren’t necessarily “normal” for you or taking some time to practice sex with someone new.

Don’t be afraid to suggest freaky sex ideas to your man. He may love that you’re making the effort to spice things up and be impressed by your creativity.

1. Get in Touch With Your Inner Freak

Men love to see a woman showing her freaky side in the bedroom. It’s almost like a Pavlovian response that causes them to get turned on by you pushing your boundaries.

Freaky sex isn’t just about a penis or vagina getting stimulated, it’s about stimulating your entire body. Having sex that includes stroking, biting, scratching, and even rubbing, licking and smelling are all part of the sexual experience. Rough sex is one of the best ways to show your freaky side. It’s also one of the most intense sex techniques that can bring both of you to the edge of pleasure.

If you haven’t tried rough sex before, start by pulling her legs up onto your shoulders and then slowly entering her. If she likes it, try straddling her or even bouncing up and down while rocking her back and forth to drive her crazy. Another option is using a whip and striking her back or thighs to give her an incredible feeling of pain and pleasure. Depending on your partner’s fetishes, playing them up can also be extremely steamy and freaky.

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2. Don’t Ignore Safety Rules

Having freaky sex doesn’t mean ignoring basic safety rules. For example, some ideas for rough sex involve biting or scratching, which may be unpleasant or even painful. Make sure you and your partner are okay with this, and always get sexual consent before trying anything new.

Freaky sex also can include role-playing or power dynamics, as well as fetishes like spanking or costume exhibition. These can be very seductive and intense experiences, but they can also lead to dangerous situations. So before you start playing with erotic asphyxiation or other dangerous activities, discuss them with your partner and practice in safe environments. Another safety rule that many people don’t follow is sensory deprivation. For instance, putting whipped cream or other sweet sauce on your lips or breasts and asking your partner to lick them can intensify the sexy feeling.

3. Engage All Your Senses

Using all your senses to heighten pleasure in the bedroom is known as Sensation Play. It can lead to orgasms, more sexual tension, deeper penetration and overall a more intense and exciting experience in the bedroom.

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A few examples of sensation play include incorporating food into your sexual experience – such as licking whip cream off your partner’s nipples, smelling their pheromones and even playing with the taste of their sweat. Sound can also be a great arousal trigger whether it’s whispering, talking, or something more erotic like jungle noise or raindrops.

Try dimming the lights and blindfolding yourself and your partner to heighten the sense of touch and smell. You can also use a mirror to increase your arousal by watching the reactions of your body as you perform sensual acts on your partner.

4. Don’t Set Too High Expectations

Trying new things in the bedroom can be fun, but if your partner isn’t into it, you might have to put aside the ideas you had for “freaky sex” and try something else. This could be as simple as licking whip cream off of her nipples or wearing edible underwear, but it can also involve toys like sexy wands or a sex pillow (try different shapes to see which ones give you the most sensations).

You might have to try a lot of positions and fetishes to find what makes your partner tick. Playing a game of Spin the Bottle or Sex Position Countdown can be a great way to spice up your bedroom fun and encourage you both to step outside your comfort zones.

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Remember that just because someone is a “freaky in bed” doesn’t mean they are into hitting or bondage. So be sure to keep checking in with your partner, and if they tell you they don’t enjoy the experience, stop right away. Otherwise, you may both be missing out on a fantastic sexual experience.

5. Don’t Ignore Body Language

If your partner doesn’t seem to be into kinky sex, don’t force them to try it. Rather, take it slowly and build up to a point where you both are comfortable with the experience.

Kinky sex can include everything from role-playing to fetishes. Whether it’s spanking, voyeurism or costumes, everyone has a unique set of kinks that they want to explore. You may find that your partner is extremely aroused by having their feet rubbed, for example. Playing up their fetishes can lead to some pretty hot sex!

Don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas and try sexy things that you normally wouldn’t. Your partner will probably be thrilled with your openness and support. Besides, being a freak in bed is all about pushing your limits. And that can mean anything from trying out new sex positions to adding toys or even masturbating on the phone or computer. Just be sure to use a safeword that you both can understand when it comes time to end the session! That way, if the experiment goes horribly wrong, you’ll both know to stop.

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