How to Have Missionary Sex

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One of the simplest sex positions out there, missionary is a great place to start. It’s perfect for oral sex, fingering, and a whole lot of kissing.

Plus, it’s a good position for the bottom partner because they have control over how deep the top partner goes. But what if you want to take it up a notch? Here are some missionary sex hacks that will make it even better.

1. Lie on your back

Using a pillow can elevate the experience of missionary sex. It makes it easier for the bottom partner to reach their clitoris and can add a new angle of penetration.

It also gives the top partner access to other erogenous zones. A pillow can also help to reduce the risk of accidental hair snags that can take you out of the mood.

2. Put a pillow under your butt

In addition to the fact that it’s comfortable and enables skin-on-skin contact, missionary offers the top partner an easy angle for penetration. According to Bustle, this helps the penis or dildo hit the G-spot, which stimulates the most sensitive area of the vagina.

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However, the bottom partner’s hands are free and can be used to stroke other erogenous zones, as well. And since this position is so intimate, it can also provide the opportunity for a lot of foreplay before the actual penetration begins. This will add extra pleasure for both partners and speed up the climax.

3. Put your hands on your partner’s back

There’s a lot about missionary sex that turns couples on, but it can also feel boring over time. So try changing things up to keep it exciting.

For example, adding a pillow or sex wedge underneath the bottom partner’s hips can change the angle of penetration and add stimulation to their clitoris.

It can also help if the person on top moves their hands around and gives lots of kissing and caressing. This can make the experience more intimate and turn on their anal lobes too.

4. Wrap your legs around your partner’s back

A common sex position, missionary allows the partner on top to control speed, depth and angle of thrusts. As a result, it can lead to orgasms and is ideal for beginners.

Using a vibrator can help intensify the pleasure in this position. You can also use your hands to touch and stroke other erogenous zones of your partner, including the clitoris.

Missionary can become boring for some couples so it’s important to try different things like bondage and changing the location. This will add a new dimension to your relationship.

5. Wrap your legs around your partner’s hips

Missionary is simple to enter and exit, which makes it a great choice for top partners who are naughty but not ready for the exertion of positions like 69 position or doggy style. This allows both partners to focus on penetration and bondage while taking it slow.

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Penetration doesn’t have to be the star of the show in missionary. Both partners can try stimulating other erogenous zones with their hands, such as pinching or tweaking the nipples, says Davis-Fainbloom.

You can also experiment with adding a pillow underneath the bottom partner’s hips to change up where stimulation takes place during intercourse.

6. Wrap your legs around your partner’s butt

The missionary position is one of the sexiest positions out there. It’s romantic, allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes and offers great penetration. But there’s one simple tweak that can take this sexy position to the next level.

The bottom partner has free hands, so they can use them to stimulate other erogenous zones, like the neck and nipples. They can also experiment with different angles of penetration by rotating their hips up and down. This can help them reach climax sooner. For extra stimulation, try adding a pillow under the bottom partner’s hips.

7. Wrap your legs around your partner’s hips

If you’re a little bored of the missionary position, try moving your hips in sync with his thrusts. This will create a very intimate feeling and add an extra element of pleasure for both of you.

If you want him to penetrate you deeper, try putting a pillow or sex wedge under your bottom. This will allow him to get the perfect angle for penetration. You can also try rotating your hips up and down to explore different angles for penetration. This will also increase the amount of stimulation your clitoris gets.

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8. Wrap your legs around your partner’s butt

With its open legs and close proximity to your partner’s body, missionary is a great position for oral and fingering stimulation. But it can also be taken to the next level with a few easy upgrades.

For instance, if you find that missionary doesn’t quite stimulate the clitoral hood and G-spot like other positions, try adding a clitoral plug or a vibrator to enhance penetration and create new sensations.

With the right sex toys, missionary can be a mind-blowing experience. So what are you waiting for?

9. Wrap your legs around your partner’s butt

In missionary, the bottom partner has full access to their own body, and can explore the erogenous zones with their hands. This is a great position for extended foreplay and sexual exploration.

It also allows the top partner to massage the bottom’s thighs and feet, which heightens sensation during penetration. The bottom can also cross their ankles behind their head to add a twist to this position.

While missionary might have a reputation for being vanilla, it’s actually quite kink-friendly and can be used in a wide range of ways.

10. Wrap your legs around your partner’s hips

Missionary sex is an intimate position that can be pleasurable in and of itself. But it can also be made even more stimulating by incorporating bondage. Try tying her hands to the bedpost, blindfolding her or role-playing with her.

If you want to make missionary even more intense, try a variation called the “Sandwich.” This involves the bottom partner rotating their pelvis up and down during penetration to stimulate their G-spot and the upper wall of their vagina. Also consider a sex wedge to lift their hips, which allows deeper penetration and creates more pressure.

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