How to Have Sex With a Divorced Dad

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If you’ve met a guy and there is an obvious connection, but he has kids, don’t let that discourage you. It’s possible that this relationship can thrive if you understand three key things.

Divorced dads often have to pay child support. This can be frustrating, but remember that it’s money to help raise his children.

1. Don’t take him home.

A divorce is a major change for anyone, but it’s even more of a change for children. Many fathers who divorce lose touch with their kids altogether, especially if they have shared custody – These insights are the fruits of the service expert’s investigations It’s important to find out whether or not he has kids early on, and to take the lead if he says he wants to meet them.

If he has kids, you’ll likely have to plan your dates around their schedule. Your nights out could end up involving dinner and a movie instead of getting down on the dance floor. And sex might not be possible at all if his kids are sleeping in the same room.

If you decide to continue dating this man, watch for red flags like controlling behavior or financial irresponsibility. And be prepared to let him introduce you to his family only when he knows the relationship is serious. You don’t want to be the cause of his kids’ emotional distress. Plus, you should never pressure him to make a commitment because that could scare him off of dating completely.

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2. Don’t make it personal.

Divorce is a tough experience, and those who have been hurt in previous relationships can be skittish about getting close to another man. They may also have children that are important to them, and determining when they are ready for a new relationship can be tricky.

While sex can be great for the emotions, it is not enough to sustain a relationship. Even if he wants to spend a lot of time with you, sex cannot replace the emotional connection that was once there with their ex-wife or girlfriend.

Also, it takes time to rebuild self-esteem after a divorce. It is possible that a father who has been divorced in the past has taken major hits to his sexual self-esteem, so he may need conscious baby steps before he is ready for sex again. He may be hesitant to share his feelings with you, so it is important to listen carefully and avoid making it personal. This will make him feel comfortable to open up. He will likely be more willing to do so when he has developed a good relationship with you.

3. Don’t be jealous.

There is a myth that dating divorced men with children is the kiss of death. Whether or not that’s true, it’s important to understand that the end of a marriage is often accompanied by intense emotions and feelings.

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He will likely have a deep attachment to his kids, and he will want to continue to build a healthy relationship with them. While he will probably need some time to connect with his kids in a new way, it is important that you are patient.

If you are serious about your relationship, avoid bringing up his ex-wife until the relationship is more established. If you do need to ask about her, do so gently and in a private setting. He will appreciate that you do not criticize her to her face or trash talk her with his friends.

You may also need to be flexible when it comes to meeting his needs sexually. Sometimes his kids might interrupt the plans that you have together, or he may need to stay late at work. This is to be expected, and he will respect your flexibility.

4. Don’t be desperate.

When a man gets divorced it is often a difficult and painful thing. He has likely spent months or even years in a therapist’s office fighting for the marriage, sorting through closed-off skeletons, and navigating the labyrinth of trauma that may have been hiding behind closed doors. When he closes the curtain on his marital history it can be difficult to reclaim sexual energy and figure out what he wants and needs in a relationship.

If he has children they will always come first. Date nights might be replaced with time spent helping a child with a science project or term paper. He might have to spend weekends picking up and dropping off the kids.

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This isn’t a deal breaker, but it does mean that you will probably not get the “sex on the first date” that you might get from dating a never-married guy. It will also take a while to develop the emotional connection that is necessary for great sex. So if you’re looking for both, this might not be the best match for you.

5. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

If you’re dating a divorced dad and hope to eventually get sexy with him, it’s best not to be afraid to be yourself. Oftentimes, it takes time for a divorced father to find his groove with new relationships, especially those that involve sex.

And that’s because he has to consider his kids. Whether or not his ex-wife is around or even in the picture, his children will always be his priority.

Thankfully, most divorced dads have found that they can find a balance between their children and their desire for sex. But this requires a lot of inner work and awareness, especially from those who’ve been hurt before.

Many have a hard time letting go of their past, especially if their marriage ended in infidelity or abuse. This is what makes it so important for them to find a way to let their guard down and be themselves. After all, that’s what their children want. They want a man who will love them, protect them and teach them to be compassionate human beings. And who knows, maybe you’ll be that guy.

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