How to Naturally Lift Boobs

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Having perky breasts is a dream of many women. Although, a surgical breast lift can provide the boost many desire, not everyone is willing to undergo such a procedure.

Fortunately, droopy breasts can be naturally lifted and firmed with exercise and home remedies. This article will explore four ways to naturally lift boobs without surgery!

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a popular beauty secret among women in sub-Saharan Africa because of its ability to naturally lift sagging breasts. This skin superfood is rich in Vitamin E and helps to tighten the skin around the bust for a firmer appearance.

Shea Butter is also known to moisturize the skin. It has a creamy texture that is easy to rub into the skin and it melts easily at room temperature. Shea Butter also contains fatty acids which make it ideal for nourishing the skin and keeping it soft and smooth.

To use Shea Butter to naturally lift boobs, apply some on the chest area and massage it in an upward and circular motion for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water and follow this procedure 3 to 4 times a week to see noticeable results.

You can also rub some Shea Butter on your neck to naturally firm sagging skin in this area as well. You can also try doing some simple exercises to firm your boobs such as the elbow squeeze (stand erect, hold weights to the side with bended elbows and firmly squeeze your chest muscles). This exercise should be done 20 times a day for best results.

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Egg White

Egg whites are rich in protein which nourishes the skin. It also has astringent properties and hydro lipids that help in firming loose skin around the breast. This is why it’s an effective natural treatment to lift sagging breasts. You can use this remedy twice a week.

Beat one egg white until it gets a foamy texture and apply it on the breasts in an upward direction. Leave it for half an hour. Then wash it off with cucumber or onion juice and rinse with cold water.

However, egg whites are more water than anything else, containing just 10% protein and 90% water, says Emma Newell, RD, LDN with NourishRX. So while they may have a few key nutrients, they lack micronutrients found in the yolk (like vitamins A and E) and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and K). So if you’re looking to boost your breast size, skip the egg whites and go for the whole egg. It’s also important to wear the right size bra for your body type. Check out Leading Lady’s Bra Size Calculator to find the perfect fit for you.

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Pushups are one of the best full-body bodyweight exercises to target your pectoral muscles and give your boobs a natural lift. They are easy to do anywhere and do not require the use of any equipment. They also train your proprioceptive muscle fibers that are responsible for keeping the body upright.

To perform a pushup, get down on all fours, with your hands placed slightly wider than your shoulders and slowly lower your chest towards the ground until it is just above the floor. Exhale, and then push back up to the starting position. This exercise can be challenging if you are new to it, so start off slow and work your way up to more reps as your strength builds.

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, wrists or elbows from doing pushups, consider modifying your workout to include knee or incline pushups to reduce the amount of pressure put on these areas. However, it is important to consult with a certified trainer or physical therapist before attempting any new exercises in order to avoid injury.

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Olive Oil

Using olive oil as a breast enhancer is an age-old remedy that many women swear by. Supposedly, the polyphenols found in this oil reduce inflammation and protect against premature aging, sun damage, and certain skin conditions.

The best kind of olive oil to use is extra virgin, which has more antioxidants and has a richer flavor than other varieties. Pour a few drops into your hands and rub them together to generate heat, then massage the oil over your breasts in an upward motion for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this routine a few times a week.

You can also try rubbing your hands over your breasts and imagining you are massaging the pectoral muscles underneath your skin. This helps stimulate blood flow, which can naturally lift sagging boobs. Additionally, exercise like push-ups and elbow squeezes (standing erect, bending your elbows to your sides, then squeezing the chest muscles) can strengthen the pectoral muscles and boost the appearance of perkier boobs. Finally, wearing a well-fitting bra and practicing good posture can help give your boobs a natural lift.

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