Sex Positions For Short Girls

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Despite the height difference, short girls can still enjoy some pretty steamy sex positions. From the Cowgirl to the Reverse Missionary, these positions allow the guy to penetrate her while he holds her up and caresses her face.

This position requires a bit of planning but is well worth the effort. It uses the height of a bed or counter to your advantage and can even provide constant clitoral stimulation.

Straddle Position

A variation on classic doggy-style sex, this position is ideal for a girl who’s short. With her back on the floor and legs spread in front of her like a dog, he can enter from behind, and his body is perfectly positioned to touch both her nipples and clitoris. To add to the sensation, have him grind up against her or play with his fingers before entering.

This sex position is also called Cowgirl Position or reverse cowgirl. The guy lies on his back with a pillow slightly propping up his hips and the girl straddles him from above. This allows her to dominate penetration and can increase the intensity of her orgasm.

She can wrap one leg around his waist to make this more intimate. He then can enter her from the side or back, depending on how deep he wants to go. The shorter strokes available in this position can be great for arousal and stimulating her clitoris. This is another great sex position for couples with a big height difference since the penetrator can easily lift her.

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Long-Distance 69

Being the short one in a relationship can be tricky for your height, but luckily there are sex positions that can make it work. One way to do this is with the Long-Distance 69, which involves her lying on her back and placing a pillow under her pelvis to tilt it upwards. This allows her to expose her clitoris for you to lick, suck and cock into the arousing orgasm of your dreams.

Another great option is spooning, which is perfect for couples with a huge height difference. For a hot twist, try doing this position against a wall to allow you both to get even rougher with each other.

For a different take on this position, you can do a variation called the Wheelbarrow. In this, he kneels down and she assumes the missionary position with her legs tucked up toward her chest. This makes it easy for him to enter her at an angle that will hit her clitoral ridge and G-spot. A huge turn on for most women, this position can cause orgasms in seconds.


The Spooning is a rear-entry position that can be wildly arousing and is especially great for short girls since the height difference doesn’t come into play as much with this one. Get on your stomach with a pillow underneath your pelvis to help lift your hips into the air. Then, have your partner kneel down behind you and adjust their hips to align with yours. They can then drape over you for skin contact and/or keep the position upright to stimulate your breasts and clit.

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If you’re ready to take the ride a little further, have them put their feet between your spread legs and rock back and forth as they go deep into you. You’ll be able to see the action, control the pace and depth of penetration, and watch each other suck on your erogenous zones as you both get to know each other better.

Spooning gets a bad rap for being the go-to sex position of the hungover or lazy, but it’s actually quite intimate and can lead to some intense orgasms. Plus, as licensed therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Solar tells mbg, it’s “great for enhancing intimacy.”

Side-Entry Twist

As a variation on the doggy style sex position, this one is great for shorties and first-timers. It allows him to get deep into her vagina and G-spot and can also be used for oral sex. She can bounce, grind or swivel as she goes, depending on what feels good to her.

This sex position is a little like the missionary but with an interesting twist. She assumes a wheelbarrow position, with her legs tucked under her arms, and he enters from behind. This position gives him a lot of access to her nipples and clitoris and can even lead to ejaculation.

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A naughty twist on the spooning position, this sex position works well for her because it allows him to stimulate her clitoris with his hands. She can also rock her body to intensify the experience and switch into the Reverse Cowgirl position if she wants to push him off early. It’s also a great sex position for naughty kitchen role-play. You can even toss on some aprons and a chef’s hat for an extra-naughty vibe.


If you’re a girl who has a guy that’s much taller than her, sex can feel a little bit awkward sometimes. The problem is that even if you want to make it work, your bodies might not be able to line up and that can make things uncomfortable or even dangerous.

One way to solve this problem is to use the Carry-Out position. Also known as the cowgirl position, it’s a great option for short girls because it lets them get intimate while still giving them control over how deep and fast their partner penetrates.

To do this, the shorter partner gets on her hands and knees while their partner lies on his back. They then straddle each other and entwine their legs, making sure that they can touch crotch to crotch in the process. This can provide a wildly arousing sensation that’s perfect for those who need clitoral pressure to orgasm. The best part is that you don’t need a table to do it – any surface will work! You can even use a bed or the edge of the sofa.

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