The Best Anal Sex Positions

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The Spoon is an excellent beginner’s anal sex position. Both partners can lubricate well for an incredible penetration and stimulation.

Stimulate her clitoris, nipples, G spot and more for mind-blowing anal play. Coupled with rear entry anal sex, she’ll be BEGGING for MORE. This advanced butt sex position also stimulates her thighs for added pleasure.

Doggy Style

Doggie is an easy-peasy anal sex position that’s great for beginners. The receiver lies flat on their back with their legs spread out, while the giver kneels behind them. After some steamy foreplay, the giver can enter anally from the back and start thrusting. This backdoor anal position can be made even kinkier by inserting a few lubed fingers or a toy for extra stimulation.

For the adventurous, try a doggy-style variation known as Pearly Gates. This erotic position places the receiver’s head in her man’s lap for an incredible combination of backdoor anal penetration and vaginal, clitoral and G-spot stimulation. If you’re feeling a little more kinky, you can elevate the experience by placing a pillow under her butt for a more comfortable ride.

This is also a good position to experiment with rear-entry action since it’s easy for beginners to get into and offers a wide range of sexual options. For example, you can use a rabbit vibrator to give her INCREDIBLE vaginal, clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Alternatively, you can use a larger wand vibrator to penetrate deeper and cause more intense anal sex. If you’re new to anal sex, we recommend starting with this basic butt position and gradually working your way up to more advanced positions like Missionary and Reverse Cowgirl. This way, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any anal play that comes your way!

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High Chair

If you’re looking to take anal sex up a notch, the High Chair position is the perfect choice. This sex position is great for both partners as it provides the giver with full control over how deep they go. It also gives the receiver a view of their partner getting closer and closer to climax, which can really add to their pleasure.

To perform this anal sex position, the giver sits down on the bed with their legs crossed so that their ankles are by their head. The receiver then mounts them, facing either away or face-to-face depending on their preference. From there, it’s just a case of letting the anal sex fun begin.

This position can be a little awkward for the receiver, as it leaves them with their ass in the air and their upper body lying flat on the bed. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make this anal sex position more comfortable, including the use of a sex wedge that can raise your partner’s butt and provide them with a powerful, deep penetration.

Another way to make this anal sex position even more intimate is by giving your partner a spoonful of lube before letting them in. This will make the whole experience a lot smoother and can make the anal sex feel a lot more intense.

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Burning Man

This anal sex position is perfect for a girl who loves to be completely stimulated by her partner. It puts all of her erogenous zones within easy reach, including her inner thighs, stomach, and armpits. And it’s a great way to fulfill her fantasy of getting penetrated at the same time, too.

To do the Burning Man position, have your boo lay on their back with a pillow or sex cushion between their legs. Then, she should extend her arms along their body and hold onto one of the squatting giver’s thigh or ankle. Then, the giver should enter anally and start thrusting, after some steamy foreplay.

If your boo wants to take the Burning Man position to the next level, try adding a rabbit vibrator for INCREDIBLE G Spot and clitoral stimulation. This will make her anal penetration even more mind-blowing and squirty, driving her crazy with pleasure and making her BEG for more. This is an advanced anal sex position, so it’s best for couples with some experience under their belt. It requires some flexibility and can be uncomfortable for taller partners, so it’s important to find the right balance between comfort and excitement. Just remember to respect your partner’s personal boundaries and never force anal sex. It should always be a mutually enjoyable and sensual experience!

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Reverse Cowgirl

A variant of the Cowgirl position, this anal sex pose gives the receiver more access to the bumhole. The receiver lies on their back, and the giver kneels down behind them. The giver can use their hands to support themselves as they slowly enter the receiver’s anus and start thrusting.

This is an excellent position for first-time anal sexers since it offers plenty of control over the pace and depth of penetration. However, since the penetrating partner loses eye contact, it’s important that the couple communicate via language or hand signals if they need to slow down or increase the intensity of their pleasure.

The giver can use their hands to touch the receiver’s clitoris, tease and stimulate her G spot, and massage other erogenous zones. This position also allows the receiver to push back against the giver, which is great for intensifying the anal sex experience.

The only drawback to this anal sex position is that it’s hard for the giver to get deep enough to reach the receiver’s clitoris without putting too much pressure on their hips and legs. This can cause discomfort for the giver, so it’s important that they’re aware of their partner’s preferred pace and depth when using this position. Fortunately, this can be avoided by doing some foreplay, such as stroking and rubbing the recipient’s body before penetration.

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