The Best Sex Position For Women

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When it comes to reaching orgasm, research shows that women need clitoral stimulation and the feeling of connection. But figuring out what position works for you is a personal journey.

Fortunately, a fun new study may have unlocked the answer. Researchers at private gynecology clinic New H Medical found that the good old missionary position is the best for getting blood flowing to the female clitoris and triggering orgasm.

Girl on Top

The classic woman-on-top position, often referred to as the riding position or cowgirl position, is one of the most popular sex positions out there. It puts you in control of the pace, deepness, and angle of penetration, and it’s great for stimulating your clitoris—especially when you use your hands to make the experience even more arousing. Plus, it’s a pretty comfortable position for both of you, so you can stay in the moment and focus on your connection with each other.

According to Rybchin, the woman-on-top position—like the Missionary Legs Up position—is also a good choice for couples trying to conceive. The deeper penetration of the girl-on-top position is believed to help female sperm travel faster, which may increase your chances of pregnancy. Plus, it’s one of the most vibrator-friendly positions—if you’re both into it, you can get creative and spread your legs out wide and even lock elbows for extra sexiness.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try twisting your arms or intertwining your legs to make the position more complex and intense. And if you want to take it up a notch, try stroking your partner’s chest or anus while rocking back and forth in this sexy girl-on-top position.

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You can even try the 69 position, which is like a Girl on Top version of the Champagne Room Position. In this girl-on-top sex position, the penetrator sits with their knees criss-cross applesauce and the receiver sits on top with their legs bent and their faces close together. They then lift their heads to face each other and push their necks toward each other. This allows the penetrator to scoot down and insert their penis into the anus, enhancing the sensation of penetration while making the experience even more intimate.

Doggy Style

For women who are shier when it comes to sex, doggy style can be a great way to touch yourself and get your partner’s attention. It’s also a good position for those who want to switch from vaginal to anal sex, and it can help ease you into the more intense world of butt play. The penetrating partner can use a hand to stroke the receiver’s back and nipples to add extra sensation, or they can just use their fingers.

The downside to doggy is that it can be hard on the knees, so the giver should make sure to lay down a towel or place pillows under her stomach or legs before beginning. This can be especially important if the partners are different heights, as a difference in depth of penetration can cause discomfort. Adding a lubricant can help with the pressure, and using larger wand vibrators can increase pleasure by making it easier for both partners to reach their desired spot.

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Another good thing about doggy is that it can be done almost anywhere—even if you’re not in your bedroom. It’s easy to do on a couch or even in the bathroom, and many couples who discover they love this position start doing it in other places as well.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a variation on doggy called “prone rear entry,” which is a little like missionary but with her sitting up and him kneeling between her legs. This allows for a bit more depth, and it can help you hit the elusive G-spot from an entirely new angle. Just be careful that you don’t thrust too hard or quickly, as this can be uncomfortable for the receiver and prevent her from getting an orgasm.

Missionary Legs Up

For women who enjoy the sensation of being pulled into a sexual position, the missionary legs up variation may be their ideal sex position. This one isn’t quite as sexy as doggy style because it has the bottom partner drawing their feet close to their chest, but it’s still intimate enough to allow for deep penetration. And if they are very flexible, the bottom can even cross their ankles behind their head (though that’s not technically missionary) to change up the angle of the penetration and add another layer of sensuality.

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Some researchers believe that the classic missionary is boring, but it’s easy to see why it’s a top pick for many women: It allows for a lot of penetration and hits the G-spot. Adding a pillow to the bed can elevate this position, giving the bottom partner a deeper, more comfortable entry point and creating a new angle of penetration.

Other sex experts recommend a sexy twist on missionary: Have the bottom partner lie down in a normal missionary position, then raise their hips up so they’re positioned parallel to the top partner’s knees. This changes up the angle of penetration, and if she’s able to hold this pose for a while, it can give her cervical orgasms as well.

If that’s not enough, try grinding missionary. It’s similar to the traditional missionary except that she doesn’t thrust her penis but grinds it against her clitoris and perineum. This is more likely to cause her to orgasm and can be a great alternative for partners who find normal thrusting too intense. If she’s able to do this for a few minutes, it can be a wonderful orgasm starter and get the wheels rolling for other more intense moves. A few playful bondage moves are also a good way to spice things up in this position.

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