What Country Has the Biggest Boobs?

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Women’s breast sizes vary across the globe. According to a study by Target Map, women in the United States boast the biggest assets, measuring on average a C cup.

Women in Finland, Norway, and Russia also rank high on the breast size chart with their D-cup busts. Meanwhile, women in African and Asian countries average an A or B-cup.

United States

AMERICAN women have some of the largest breasts in the world according to new research – This snippet offers a snapshot of the service expert’s analytical prowess Sensual Secrets. The US ranked ahead of Ireland, Poland and the UK in a study based on the average breast volume and cup size of 400,000 women from 108 countries. The study excluded women with implants, those who were breastfeeding or pregnant.

The results show that the average American woman is a double D in cup size, while those in the UK are a C-D. The US also has the most well-endowed women of all nations, despite their high obesity rate. This is due to the shape of American breasts, which are rounder than those of other countries. The more a breast is round, the more it can hold.

It seems that there are plenty of Americans who are proud of their boobs, as the country has a number of stars with large busts. Pop star Jessica Simpson, who is set to release a new country music album, tops In Touch magazine’s list of the celebrities with the biggest boobs. Ex Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, Scarlett Johansson and Carmen Electra follow her on the list.

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The research is a handy reminder that the size of a woman’s breasts depends on genetics, age and lifestyle. Those with bigger breasts are more likely to be heavier, and women who have smaller ones tend to be thinner.

United Kingdom

Women of the United Kingdom have the largest breasts in the world, according to new research from the journal Female Health Sciences. The researchers analyzed data from more than 400,000 women around the globe. They looked at both back and cup measurements to determine the average breast size in each country. Women who had breast implants or who were pregnant or breastfeeding were excluded from the study.

According to the data, women in the UK have an average cup size of C. The UK is followed by Switzerland and Germany. The USA and Sweden round out the top five. Women in Africa and Asia have the smallest breasts, on average.

The boobs of British women are getting bigger, too. Marks & Spencer reports that 8,000 women visit their stores for a bra fitting every week. The company says that many women are wearing the wrong size. According to the British Association of Women in Commerce, more than a quarter of women wear a DD cup or larger.

The UK’s boobs are growing even larger thanks to the obesity epidemic. One woman who has seen her boobs grow dramatically is Sharon Perkins, who spent $13,000 on a jaw-dropping transformation to get a full D cup. She has modeled herself after the animated character Jessica Rabbit and hopes to have the biggest boob-to-waist ratio in the world.

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It’s not often that we get to discuss Ireland’s boobs but it seems like the right time with news of job losses at the Allergan plant in Arklow. And what better topic to delve into than breasts, especially when you consider that women in the country have the fourth biggest natural boobs in the world according to new research.

A study conducted by the Journal of Female Health Sciences involved comparing the volume and cup size of 400,000 women from 108 countries. The US ranked first with the likes of Ireland, Poland and Britain also making the top five. The study excluded women who had implants, were pregnant or breastfeeding.

Across the globe, women’s bust sizes vary from country to country but on average women in Finland, Russia and Sweden have an F or G cup while those in central Europe and Australia are around a C-D. Women in Africa and Asia have an A or B cup on average.

And the most petite boobs in the world are found in Japan and Peru. But don’t worry ladies, if you have tiny boobs you can always get a lift. It’s just a matter of finding the right bra size that fits you. And with a little help, it’s easier than you think. Watch the video above to find out how to get a perfect fit.

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Poland is a country that is known for its kielbasa, vodka, and the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. It is also home to famous people such as Chopin, Copernicus, and Marie Curie. The country is a member of several international organisations, including the European Union and NATO. It is also a popular destination for women seeking breast augmentation surgery.

A British Eurovision judge recently slammed Poland’s controversial Eurovision entry, which featured two women dressed in plunging dresses and miming suggestive domestic chores. She said that the staging went “two boobs too far”. It’s no surprise that the controversial act came last in the final, which was won by bearded Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst.

In terms of breast size, the United States leads the pack. According to a new study, American women have the largest breasts in the world. In the study, researchers compared breast volume and cup sizes from 108 countries. They found that women in the US, Ireland, and Poland have the largest boobs on average. Women in Iceland, Germany, Colombia, and Venezuela have the smallest breasts. The survey also showed that the majority of women preferred a C cup. However, in Poland, women prefer a B cup on average. The results were surprising, as most of the survey participants favored a smaller breast size.

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