Which Zodiac Sign Has the Highest Sex Drive?

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When it comes to lovemaking, some signs of the zodiac have higher libidos than others. This is because of their astrological traits and the element that they are ruled by.

For example, Leos need to feel empowered and free in bed before they reach their pleasure potential. While Pisceans are hopeless romantics and can give their partners some of the best orgasms ever!


Scorpios are considered the horniest of all the zodiac signs in the bedroom. They’re a bit mysterious and secretive but if they find someone they can trust they will go all the way in the sack. They aren’t picky and will sleep with whoever they want but prefer someone they can bond with emotionally. They also love trying new kinks in the bedroom so they’re open to a lot of things like handcuff play.

Virgos are master organizers so they take control of their sexual situation in the bedroom and are the least likely to give threesomes a try. These mutable earth natives love to use their intelligence in bed by creating tension with teasing sexts and foreplay.

Ruled by the maternal moon, Cancers are sensitive and romantic but they aren’t afraid to get wild in the bedroom. They treat sex like a sensual act and crave physical intimacy with their partners.


Many people swear by their star sign horoscopes, believing that the planets and stars have some type of effect on their lives. One area that astrology has some real influence is in the sexual arena. According to a new study, astrologers have determined which zodiac signs have the highest sex drive.

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Scorpios are horny and sensual, making them the most sexy sign of all. But unlike other sexy zodiac signs, these seductive Scorpios prefer a deep connection with their partners. While they’re generally pro-friends with benefits and one-night stands, they prefer to be deeply intimate with a partner that they can trust.

As the trailblazers of the zodiac, Aries men and women are always pushing ahead. They’re ruled by the fire sign of Mars, which is associated with action and intensity. They’re a passionate, competitive bunch and they’ll never settle for second best. So when it comes to lovemaking, they’ll take everything by storm. They’re the sexiest, most powerful zodiac sign and they’ll go all out to get what they want. They’re known for their kinky fantasies, double-meaning jokes and general dirty talk.


While everyone knows that Scorpios are the horniest sign of the zodiac, what many people don’t know is that the mutable earth sign of Taurus has a super high sexual drive as well. Whether it’s flirting in public or experimenting with different sex partners, this babe doesn’t shy away from the pleasures of life.

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But that’s not to say that Taurus isn’t selective in terms of partners. They’re all about sexy, sensual play but they prefer to keep their relationships serious. Once they find someone they really connect with, that’s the only sexy thing that matters to them.

If you want to seduce a horny Taurus, make sure to show them your bravery and loyalty in bed. They’re a big fan of men and women who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and take things to the next level, especially when it comes to kinky sexual experiences. And don’t be afraid to talk about taboo topics with them either! They love to feel empowered by their partner’s courage and strength. That’s what makes them so hard to resist.


Gemini men and women love the feeling of a partner’s body against theirs and tend to be the biggest masturbators. They can also be the chattiest in the sack and might consider long conversations or inside jokes the perfect pre-game for steamy bedroom intimacy.

They’re natural chameleons in the bedroom, changing their sexy style to match whatever feels right at the time. These flirtatious libras love sharing their sexual fantasies with a partner and can easily switch between being sweet, raunchy, or downright dirty. Geminis are a bunch of talkers and tend to have a foot-in-mouth problem, but they’re too good for their own karma to care.

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Virgos are a little bit more shy when it comes to their kinky side, but they definitely have one. They’re always down to try something new and might surprise you with a raunchy request once they trust you. These people love naughty foreplay and are known to flirt unusually, making them look like perverts at times.


When Mercury-ruled Virgos want someone, they make it known. They’re able to traverse the underworld and the visible world, the conscious mind and the unconscious, and they can see their lovers’ hidden parts as well as their polished and refined bits.

This earthy sign may come off as uptight or critical, but they’re actually quite passionate in bed and can get surprisingly kinky. They enjoy a little foreplay and naughty talk as part of their sexual experience, and they appreciate the power of pleasure in all its forms.

They don’t take their sex life lightly, however, and tend to only enter into a physical relationship once they feel fully connected to their lover. They’re not afraid of having a friends with benefits arrangement or one-night stand, but they prefer to be intimate with someone who they can trust and respect. They need to have a clear understanding of their sexual needs and desires in order to thrive in their relationships. This is why they need to prioritize sex and make it a priority in their lives.

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