Why Do You Need a Condom For Anal Sex?

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Many people feel comfortable with having anal sex. However, a condom is still essential for anal sex to help prevent STDs like HIV.

Healthcare professionals have long encouraged using condoms during anal sex. In 2022, the FDA approved a new type of condom specifically for anal use. These ONE condoms are natural rubber latex sheaths that cover the anus, and they come in different sizes.

1. It prevents fecal matter from entering the vagina.

During anal sex, fecal matter can enter the vagina, and if it is mixed with semen, it could cause pregnancy or STIs. To reduce the risk, use protection. This is especially important if you have a history of sexually transmitted infections or are HIV positive, as unprotected anal sex increases the spread of STIs and HIV.

Until now, it was difficult to find condoms that were specifically designed for anal sex. But this week, the FDA approved a new type of male condom that can be used during anal sex. The ONE Condom is made from latex (a natural rubber) and is the first external condom that can be marketed as safe for anal sex. The approval was based on a clinical study conducted at Emory University that found the ONE Condom had a lower than expected rate of failure during anal sex.

To get the most out of the ONE Condom, use it with a condom-compatible lubricant like a silicone-based lube. Look for a lubricant with a gel consistency as it tends to last longer and won’t dry out as quickly as a liquid lube. You should also be sure to clean your anus with water or a gentle soap before sex and avoid scratching or tearing the area as this can increase the risk of infection.

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2. It prevents sperm from entering the vagina.

In unprotected anal sex, sperm may travel from the anus to the vagina. This can happen if the anus is touched by semen or pre-ejaculate on the fingers. It can also happen if the condom breaks and semen enters the vagina during penetration. If sperm enters the vagina, it can fertilize an egg and cause pregnancy. This is why it’s important to use a condom during anal sex.

Although it’s possible to get pregnant from anal sex, it’s not likely. Pregnancy during anal sex is very unlikely because semen can’t survive in the vagina for long. In addition, the anus is covered by a layer of tough skin that acts as a barrier against infection.

A recent study found that condoms are 91 percent effective at preventing anal sex-related STDs and STIs, even when used with less lubrication than during vaginal sex. However, it’s still important to use a lot of water-based lubricant during anal sex.

While health professionals have long recommended condoms for all types of sexual intercourse, it wasn’t until 2022 that the FDA approved a condom designed specifically for anal sex. The Boston-based company Global Protection Corp now sells ONE Male Condoms, which are natural rubber latex sheaths that fit over the penis. The FDA’s approval of the ONE condom was intended to advance anal safety for men who have sex with other men, which is a group at high risk for HIV.

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3. It prevents fecal matter from entering the anus.

While it’s rare, without protection, anal sex can lead to fecal matter invading the skin of the penis and rectum. Since the anus is responsible for waste disposal, this could put the person at risk of a number of infections, including anal abscesses which can be serious.

This is why anal sex needs condoms as much as any other sexual activity. Using a regular condom that fits your penis and plenty of water based lubricant helps reduce the risk of tearing. Also, be sure to change condoms if switching from anal to vaginal or oral sex to avoid introducing different forms of bacteria.

Unlike the skin on the outside of the body, the anus is very sensitive and can be easily injured by penetrative anal sex. This can result in tears and cuts which expose the skin to germs, making it more susceptible to infection. Penetrative anal sex can also increase the chances of passing on STIs, such as hepatitis A or E. coli, as well as bacterial infections like yeast infections, to the partner.

To make anal sex safer, use a condom that covers the entire penis, such as the ONE condom which has been tested and specifically approved for anal sex. The ONE condom is a natural rubber latex sheath that slips over the penis. It’s easy to use and Planned Parenthood offers step-by-step instructions for putting it on, as well as a video guide. It’s also important to always use a water-based lubricant, not an oil-based one, as the latter can cause latex condoms to break or leak.

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4. It prevents fecal matter from entering the urethra.

During anal sex, fecal matter can enter the urethra, which may transmit STIs to the partners. This is why it is important to use a condom during anal sex.

If fecal matter gets into the urethra, it can cause an infection known as anal fistula, which is a medical emergency that can lead to serious infections such as sepsis. The best way to prevent this is to always use a condom during anal

Anal sex can cause a lot of friction, which increases the risk of injury and tissue tearing. This can increase the risk of HIV transmission and other STIs. This is why it is important to wear a condom during anal sex and to use plenty of water-based lubricant.

It is also important to avoid using oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline with latex condoms (except for specialist latex free condoms) as they can break them up. Water-based lubricants can be found at most pharmacies and supermarkets.

It is also important to use a condom when switching between anal and vaginal sex. This will minimize bacterial exposure. It is also a good idea to wash your hands before and after anal sex. If you are worried about unprotected anal sex, you should see a healthcare professional straight away. They can give you post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to reduce the risk of infection.

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